Making nature

22 hours live mobile radio while walking parts of the country and observing, creating, diving in and becoming nature
For Esch and Radio Ara Ralf Wendt will explore our imaginations when we speak about NATURE.



The­re­fo­re he speaks with peop­le he meets on his long walk through a day and a small coun­try, he will speak and lis­ten to ani­mals and plants, extra­or­di­na­ry and inven­ted beings and land­s­capes. And pro­bab­ly he will invi­te peop­le from other pla­ces to ima­gi­ne what’s the­re around Esch.

4 mics, a small mixer in his pockets, a play­er and a tele­pho­ne — with this smal­lest radio­stu­dio he will dig in the dirt, rest in the dawn, climb trees and ruins.

Wendt works for years on the fric­tion bet­ween roman­tic approa­ches to natu­re and the decon­struc­tion of our under­stan­ding of it.
He works with ani­mal voices and ani­ma­lic human voices as well as dif­fe­rent body­sounds of living beings.

Ralf Wendt -Portfolio_2021



Topic-related selection of previous works


Birds — Ambro­si­us-church
Mag­de­burg 1999

In a Video-and Audio­in­stal­la­ti­on Wendt worked toge­ther with the Ber­lin based artist Burg­hard Vogel on an ima­gi­na­ry “second world” under­ground of the church in Mag­de­burg for the ope­ning of the Grenz­gän­ger-Fes­ti­val 1999.
Video and Sound trans­mit­ted „live“ into the church.





Vogel der Woche — bird of the week

wee­kly Pod­cast sin­ce 2009, to intro­du­ce one spe­ci­es to an audi­ence, which is nor­mal­ly not inte­rested in birds in ca. 30 non­com­mer­ci­al radi­os in Ger­ma­ny, Aus­tria and switz­er­land.





Buch der ima­gi­nä­ren Wesen — book of ima­gi­na­ry beings

Radio­art for Deutsch­land­ra­dio 1997 with texts by Jor­ge Luis Bor­ges





Under­ground — instal­la­ti­on gal­le­ry Moritz­burg Hal­le 1999

Water, Foel, wood, metal, mea­se­ring instru­ments, Audio­in­stal­la­ti­on
In the Base­ment of Staat­li­che Gale­rie Moritz­burg accord­ing to art­pri­ce Sax­o­ny-Anhalt 1999 für art­collec­tive TATARIN

Visi­tors wal­ked on woo­den pathes through a swam­py ground of the base­ment, in which Wendt instal­led fic­tio­nal gro­wing life; the deve­lop­ment of this was mea­su­red and trans­la­ted into sounds





In the Per­for­mance-Col­lek­ti­ve „The­wol­fin­the­win­ter“ Wendt works sin­ce 2001 about the fric­tions of human acting as a soci­al but also ani­mal being






Migra­ti­on Klai­pe­da — Audio­in­stal­la­ti­on Klai­pe­da 2002

In a  super­mar­ket Wendt instal­led an instal­la­ti­on with bird­sounds of litu­a­ni­an migra­ti­on events, com­bi­nes with refle­xi­ons of local bio­lo­gists about human-natu­re-rela­ti­ons­hips

Rezen­si­on Aus­stel­lun­gen Vaka­ry Express 31.05.2002





Rik­ki Tiki & Tavi — Raum­in­stal­la­ti­on, Fotos, Audio­in­stal­la­ti­on Hal­le 2003

In an empty down­town-shop Dani­el Herr­mann and Wendt offe­red an Instal­la­ti­on, which ques­tio­ned our rela­ti­ons­hip to ani­mals around us.





Cnim­ki (2007) — Pho­to-Audio­in­stal­la­ti­on in Kasan (Rus, Wol­ga)

nati­ve tata­ri­an ani­mals in the city­cent­re of Kasan
Tem­pora­ry Audio­post­cards, which have a long tra­di­ti­on in Rus­sia, offe­red in the city cent­re on fre­quent­ly visi­ted spaces (Bus­stops, Kreml, bars). The cards inclu­ded descrip­ti­ons and voice-col­la­ges of rare ani­mals of the gras­lands.





Allu­vi­al-enrich­ment — Audio­in­stal­la­ti­on & Per­for­mance Peißnitz Halle/S. 2010

Toge­ther with his art­col­le­gue and fri­end Thies Strei­fin­ger Wendt woke up a night­ly allu­vi­al forest 2010 in a Per­for­mance with a hid­den Audio­in­stal­la­ti­on in Hal­le to tro­pi­cal life.





art for ani­mals — Instal­la­ti­ons and Per­for­man­ces Zoo­park Hal­le Okto­ber 2011

With Hagen Bäcker and Tho­mas Rabisch cura­ted Wendt and worked him­s­elf in the Fes­ti­val art for ani­mals in the Zoo
Hal­le. The dai­ly „fee­ding round“ was con­sis­ting of com­po­si­ti­ons for 20 dif­fe­rent spe­ci­es, pro­du­ced toge­ther with bio­lo­gists.







music for nort­hern bald ibis

music for pata­go­ni­an degus

music for Keas

music for Indi­an ele­phants

music for Hum­boldt pen­gu­ins





Potoo en la casa — Per­for­mance und Instal­la­ti­on Cho­ro­ni, Vene­zue­la 2013

In Vene­zue­la Wendt put 2013 an Audio-Instal­la­ti­on and Per­for­mance for the inh­a­bi­tants of Cho­ro­ni at the rain­fo­rest bor­der. The used and part­ly arran­ged sounds were trans­porting voices of ani­mals of the upper rain­fo­rest in defo­rested parts around the vil­la­ge





The Con­quest of Natu­re (2015–2017)
(Fea­ture-Series after the Book by David Black­bourne)
histo­ry and cri­tic of natu­re-regu­la­ti­ons in Ger­ma­ny





Radio-Fea­ture men­imals — rela­ti­ons humans and ani­mals
Corax Hal­le 2010, Swr 2018





Birds — 2016 ORF Kunst­ra­dio

For this radio­art-per­for­mance Wendt com­po­sed live 2016 for art’s bir­th­day in Vien­na with field record­ings as a remi­nis­cence to dada­istic deman­ds (Hans Arp) for com­po­si­ti­ons with natu­re sounds.





Collec­tors radio — Instal­la­ti­on — old Zoo­lo­gi­cal Insti­tu­te Dom­platz Hal­le 2016

In a 16-chan­nel-micro­pho­ne-mix was the inner life of the 300 years old buil­ding of natu­re sci­ence collec­tions trans­mit­ted to the public space and into the FM radio.

The ima­gi­na­ti­on of the pas­sing by peop­le was fee­ded by the invi­si­ble sources of noi­ses of moved pre­pa­ra­tes, night­ly sounds of ani­mals in the cel­lar, tele­pho­ne-talks of bio­lo­gists about nome­n­cla­tu­re of bird names in the inner rooms of the buil­dings.






In Solo-Per­for­man­ces, in collec­tive works and in Sound­works  Wendt rese­ar­ched and worked about the Figu­re „Hau­ser“ on the edge of being human and ani­mal. 2020 his Radio­play „Hau­ser-Show“ was awar­ded with the Jury-Pri­ce of Ber­li­ner Hör­spiel­fes­ti­val.





Brah­ma­pu­tra — Audio­fea­ture 2020

The living toge­ther of peop­le and river expe­ri­en­ced on a per­for­mance­trip to india 2020 inspi­red Wendt to speak with dif­fe­rent peop­le about their rela­ti­ons­hip to one of the last big unre­gu­la­ted rivers of the world.





Birds in and around Hal­le — illus­tra­ted Book 2020–2021
work in pro­gress

Sto­ries about a very spe­cial cul­tu­ral­ly  for­med land­s­cape of the regi­on of for­mer mining and thousands of years of cul­ti­va­ti­on





ma___g nat__e — 60 min radio labo­ra­to­ry action lis­ten here by Jas­mi­na Al-Qai­si and Ralf Wendt for Mean­der Lunch

12/12/2020 D21 Gal­le­ry / Leip­zig, Ger­ma­ny teaser here

For the launch of MEANDER launch and on the topic of sustai­na­bi­li­ty, we deci­ded to dis­cuss in an essay-like man­ner, simi­lar­ly to our for­mat Exi­le-Exha­le-Exit also pre­mie­red in ODD, a topic we are both inte­rested in name­ly the idea of natu­re and what making it could pre­su­me.

We reflec­ted out loud from the tight and limi­ted ima­gi­na­ti­on in Euro­pe, what pos­si­b­ly activa­tes peop­le world-wide to keep an envi­ron­ment plea­sura­ble. We think most often of peop­le, birds and grains, most­ly that we met or tas­ted. Our ima­gi­na­ti­on on sustai­na­bi­li­ty is com­ing strai­ght from our memo­ry and expe­ri­en­ces with groups ori­en­ted towards a chan­ge or con­ser­va­ti­on through ‘making natu­re’. In this case, ‘making natu­re’ or ‘ma___g nat__e’ stands for blur­ring the deno­mi­na­ti­ons bet­ween peop­le and natu­re, natu­ral and arti­fi­ci­al, loo­king for a holistic approach to chan­ge, pro­tec­tion and radi­cal per­spec­tive on com­pre­hen­ding the envi­ron­ment. ‘ma___g nat__e’ is incom­ple­te, as this mind-moving action aims to be, and it stands for fle­xi­ble and in moti­on deci­si­on making towards what human-made ide­as of natu­re could be, or even what human-made natu­re could be.

With Anna Zawadzka, Frank Stein­hei­mer, Alex­an­der Klo­se; quo­ting Deccan Deve­lop­ment Socie­ty, San­gam Radio and David Black­bourn

Our radio action hap­pen­ed in the live radio lab and stu­dio of ‘Any­bo­dy out the­re?!’ 100 years of Radio in Ger­ma­ny, D21 Gal­le­ry, Leip­zig and will be trans­mit­ted regio­nal­ly on FM and was world-wide spread through the Mean­der net­work: ODD, Insti­tu­to Pro­comum , Ensay­os
Tent­haus / Oslo, Nor­way




A ‘Being’ Natu­re / Natu­ra Crea­tu­ra / Naturwesen/ […]

Sound and mul­ti­me­dia instal­la­ti­on by Jas­mi­na Al-Qai­si and Ralf Wendt arta non­stop Gal­le­ry, Astra libra­ry and GONG theat­re Sibiu
Cura­ted by Iris Orde­an

With vocal accounts from Sibiu area:
Simo­na Leder­man, Adria­na Chiru­ta, Moni­ka Tom­pos, Lucia Sevestre­an, Win­a­el Bal­dus, Kili­an Dörr, Hans, Iain Trew­by, Cris­ti­an Cis­ma­ru, Lia Per­jov­schi, Dan Per­jov­schi, Vik­to­ria Luft, Joe Eng­land, San­dy Stan­cu, And­reea Mada­li­na Burg­he­lea and more.





A Being Natu­re — Audio­in­stal­la­ti­on Pfarr­kir­che Sibiu 2021

10 hours Ani­mal-voice-sur­round-com­po­si­ti­on for the Church





Das Un im Unkraut — The Pest in Pest Plant — Fea­ture for SWR and DFKul­tur 2021

With Nata­lia Fer­re­ra (artist), Valen­tin Kur­ten­bach (Bio­lo­gie-Stu­dent, Musi­ci­an), Frank Stein­hei­mer (direc­tor of the cen­tral collec­tions of  natu­ral sci­en­ces MLU Hal­le), Jan Lang­ham­mer (Phi­lo­so­pher), Marold Lan­ge-Phil­ipp­sen (artist), Ste­pha­nie Kur­ten­bach (speech-sci­en­tist), Tina Klat­te (cul­tu­ral sci­en­tist), Thies Strei­fin­ger (gar­de­ner, pho­to­gra­pher and musi­ci­an), sounds also by Gus­ta­vo Men­dez (Artist)